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Print Requests for RIMPAC 2022

The Dilly Print Shop has been busy servicing print requests from participants in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022 gathering. RIMPAC is a 4-day exercise that brings together military officials from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore and the United States to foster cooperative relationships to ensure the safety and security of the Indo-Pacific region. Given the high-profile and relatively large event, we have received numerous emails for print orders from out of town visitors. Visitors are looking to print last minute documents, business cards and other work-related items. We are used to printing for business-related events, so we were prepared!

Island Prints for Visitors

We love meeting new people and facilitating business in the islands. We have received remarks from several international visitors that prices are rising in their hometowns. Island pricing may be a shock to those who are not used to it. Although locals are accustomed to higher prices and heavier expenses, those who are from out of town are surprised when they see our “high” prices. It is funny hearing about our high prices from international visitors. Although we have raised our prices recently, we are still cheaper than most print shops here on the island. 


We also offer other services on property, like storage units and van rentals.


Print Order for Jim

Jim gave us a call to see if we could print some fundraising tickets for him. He needed it to be quick, affordable and high quality. Those three things describe our print shop accurately! Jim did not need any cuts on his prints, just straight prints. It was a simple job. 

Print Job for Jim

We were in communication with him over the phone about what he needed and he sent us an email with the files. We confirmed with him on the phone for the quantities and paper options. We had it done in an hour. Jim stopped by to pick it up that day! 


Jim was so happy that he was able to get this done and squared away in an efficient and affordable way. We love it when customers are satisfied with our work and we see them walk away with a happy face. It makes us happy, too! Jim had been calling around to other print shops that day to see who could get the job done. We are so glad he picked us! 

Give us a call if you are interested in our other services, like storage or truck rentals, at our Dillingham Self Storage facility.


Print Shop Customer Referrals

Some of our best and most loyal print customers have been from a customer referral through a friend. A local business that we print invoices for had a partner that was interested in our templates. They told her to check us out! Brandy contacted us asking about our invoice printing and print rates. We were happy to offer a list of services and their specified rates, and some of our previous work. 

Happy Print Shop Customer Referrals

Brandy was happy with what she saw and decided to move forward on printing with us for her company. She put in an order for 2-part NCR full wrap invoice booklets. These are popular among our business customers and we’re happy to work with them to make sure they are happy with their order. Brandy walked away as a happy customer with her new prints, and we’re glad her business friends referred her to our Dilly Print Shop for this. See you next time, Brandy! 

If you are interested in our other services like our Dilly Van Rentals or storage units, check them out! We have some customers that utilize all three of our services and love how it’s all located in one location. You can get all your storage, van rental and printing needs done in one stop!

Dilly Print Shop

Printing Shop Customer Satisfaction

Harvey stopped by our printing shop looking to replicate a tag template he had and do the necessary printing and cutting. Of course this is something we can do, no problem! The order was complete and ready for pick up within the next few days. When he came in to pick up, he was very impressed with how quickly it was completed. And it turned out great! 

Print Services are High Quality

Harvey was happy and satisfied with the final product and mentioned he would return soon for when his company needed more printing. He was happy with the timeliness, service and killer prices! We are happy when our customers are happy. See you soon, Harvey! 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We like keeping our people happy, it’s important to us. Like with Harvey, he was happy with our fast turnaround and quality of the final product. We aim for this kind of customer satisfaction with each customer that walks through our doors!

Like with our printing shop, we also have happy customers with our other services like our Dillingham Self Storage units and Dilly Van Rentals. If you are in need of storage units or truck rentals, check out those sites for more information. We have great customer reviews for those services as well. 

Dilly Print Shop

Print Shop has Fast Turnaround Time

The print shop is pretty fast at turnaround time for our print jobs. We’ve had customers email things the day of and we can get it out to them by the evening. We’ve even had partial orders placed and then the customer will add on more to the order the next day and we’re still able to organize it all into one print job.

Print Shop Work Samples

Jordanna called the print shop on Thursday afternoon inquiring about some funeral programs she needed. She wasn’t sure of what she wanted, or any specific layout. So, we invited her to stop by and check out some of our past print jobs to see if we could do anything similar for her. We hold onto past print jobs sometimes to show work samples to future customers.


After she got an idea of what she wanted, she planned to send us pictures, names and details by Friday so we could have the programs ready for pickup for the funeral on Saturday afternoon.

The Final Product

Once she sent everything to us we were able to compile it all into the layout she wanted. It was a simple program and a simple layout, so we were happy! We got all the documents from her Friday afternoon and had the programs ready for pickup by Saturday morning. Jordanna was really happy with the final product and happy that they were ready in time. We love making our print shop customers happy!

Dilly Print Shop

Dilly Print Shop Meets Paul

The dilly print shop ohana can help you with formatting for your print jobs. For example, some of our print shop customers need help with formatting online documents that are limited with editing. We can help you with that.

Paul Visits the Dilly Print Shop

Paul visited us one day because he wanted to print some invitations. He only had evite invitations but he wanted to print a few and deliver them in person. We had to do a new layout with him other than the original evite PDF because of the special formatting. We were limited with copying and pasting because of the evite format, so we had to get creative.

He was understanding of the necessary layout and didn’t have a problem with waiting while we were drafting a sample. While he was hanging out in the lobby, he used the available computers to find some images to add to the invitations!

The Final Product

He loved the sample we brought out to him and was happy with the result. He even wanted us to add our dilly print shop logo to the back so that everyone who received an invitation would know of us! Thanks Paul for stopping by, it was nice to meet you!