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Printing Services with Short Turnaround


We love giving our customers a quick turnaround time for printing services. For simple print jobs, we can do as fast as 24 hour turnaround time. For complex jobs that require a layout service, this takes at least 2 business days. Prepared customers with documents ready to print speed up the print process. We encourage emailing all documents to us before you stop by, it helps us get your documents back to you faster! 


Clary needed to print some wedding invitations along with RSVP cards. We love seeing wedding invitations, and can’t wait to print more when big events come back to normal! Clary already invested in her own template and had the invitations ready to go. She needed them printed on cardstock and cut to template size. We printed a few samples for her to see which cardstock material she preferred, and she loved the options. She knew what she wanted after seeing the samples and we were able to get her invitations printed and ready for pickup within two days! Clary was so happy with the quick turnaround time. She was able to get her invitations out on time, and we were able to make another customer happy with our printing services! 


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Printing Services for Restaurants

Kabuki Restaurant in Waimalu found our printing services to be of assistance during this time as they transition to open their dine-in restaurant. Although they have only been open for take-out, they are eager to get back to offering dine-in service and we are happy to help! Kabuki requested printing a few thousand sheets of their restaurant menus. We are happy to help them in this unknown time for local businesses and we are eager for them to open as well! 

New COVID Guidelines for Businesses

Dine-in services are adjusting now according to new COVID operating guidelines. With new restrictions in place, businesses like us are changing procedures to maintain a high standard health and safety in our place of work. We understand the need for change and we are happy to facilitate it if that’s what it takes to keep our Dilly Print Shop safe. 

Kabuki Printing Services

We were able to communicate with Kabuki about the prints they needed and how we could deliver these prints to them in a safe way. We are so happy they were able to work with us and were accommodating of our new policies in the office. 


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Printing Services with Dani

The printing services offered at the Dilly Print Shop are high quality and efficient. We offer a quick turnaround. We like to offer as much information over the phone as we can, and are also quick to reply over email. The Dilly Print Shop encourages its customers to contact us to request information for price quotes and other printing services. 

Working with Dani

Dani called in to get price quotes for printing programs. She wanted information on our current paper stock, pricing charts, paper weight requirements and how quickly we could the print job turned around. We spoke with her over the phone about all of her concerns. Dani seemed pleased with our conversation as she mentioned how some print shops had quoted her incorrect information and were not as helpful over the phone. We worked with Dani to put a print plan into action and a potential layout for her programs. Dani brought in her files that same day to get some samples going and she was very pleased with the options we had for her. 

Providing Printing Services

Dani placed her order that same day! We got to work immediately and were able to turn around the print job on the same day. Although this is not always possible, we were happy to do it for Dani. Dani was also very patient to wait in the office until the order was complete. This is the kind of printing experience we want all of our customers to have at the Dilly Print Shop!

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Printing Shop Customer Satisfaction

Harvey stopped by our printing shop looking to replicate a tag template he had and do the necessary printing and cutting. Of course this is something we can do, no problem! The order was complete and ready for pick up within the next few days. When he came in to pick up, he was very impressed with how quickly it was completed. And it turned out great! 

Print Services are High Quality

Harvey was happy and satisfied with the final product and mentioned he would return soon for when his company needed more printing. He was happy with the timeliness, service and killer prices! We are happy when our customers are happy. See you soon, Harvey! 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We like keeping our people happy, it’s important to us. Like with Harvey, he was happy with our fast turnaround and quality of the final product. We aim for this kind of customer satisfaction with each customer that walks through our doors!

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Graduation Season for Printing Services

It’s graduation season and our printing services can help! It’s time for graduation announcements and party invitations for the Class of 2019. High schools in Hawaii are known for having elaborate high school graduations. Thousands of leis, flowers and people gather to celebrate high school and college graduations. It is a wonderful time for graduates and their families.

Printing Invitations and Announcements

We are happy to be apart of this time, with helping to print invitations or graduation announcements. We have seen some very creative ones for the class of 2019 and we like seeing all the happy graduates and their bright futures. We know high school graduations are a big celebration in Hawaii, it’s a happy time for everyone. It can be useful to send out graduation announcements to let family members and relatives know the details of your ceremony so they can celebrate with you!

Ask About Our Printing Services!

Call and inquire about any questions you may have for our printing services! Our print shop is also open on Saturdays. We also have van rentals to help setup your graduation party! Dilly Van Rentals are open for reservations and can be reserved ahead of time for the day of your party.

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Quotes on Printing Services

We can provide quotes for printing services at the Dilly Print Shop. Generally we reply to emails within 24 to 48 hours, and can provide as much information to help you save time. It can be efficient for most people to correspond over email before visiting a print shop in-store. If you prefer to email us, attach your printing files to the email so we can give you accurate quotes! We are also available on the phone during our normal business hours for those who prefer to call in and get their questions answered. Our website also provides a form to request a quote online.

Cost of Printing Services

The cost of printing services can vary based on the project, size, amount of copies and paper quality. Customers can bring their own paper in to cut their costs while still using our printers. It can be helpful to know the cost ahead of time, which is why we encourage people to call and ask!