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The Dilly Print Shop and Local Artists

The print shop loves working with and supporting local businesses, especially local artists. We have been working with Brook Parker, a long time print shop customer. Brook has been printing with us for years! Brook’s recent work has been featured on TV segments featuring Hawaiian culture. He specializes in artwork that emphasizes the beauty of Hawaiian history and culture. He is dedicated to his work and we love seeing his passion shine through in his work. We have seen so many of his framed paintings sold as in stores – and on his website. We love working with Brook. Every time he stops by to pick up some new prints, we chat about where we saw his recent work as well as his upcoming projects. It’s always new and exciting listening to a local entrepreneur – we love you Brook!

Print Shop for Local Entrepreneurs

We love our business print shop customers. During the pandemic, there was a decrease in business activity, especially local restaurants and service based businesses. It is very encouraging and exciting to see the revival of local businesses. We always look forward to meeting new business customers – and talking about them on our website!

print shop

We also offer other services on property, like storage units and van rentals.