Dilly Print Shop

The Dilly Print Shop Helps Alys

The Dilly Print Shop loves to help our customers during overwhelming times. Sometimes we can make exceptions to our typical operation schedules to make our customers happy

Alys at the Dilly Print Shop

We had a Dilly Print Shop customer come in recently who needed prayer cards cut for an upcoming funeral service in less than two days. Typically for print jobs that require multiple cutting services, we need a two day time window to give time for us to call our cutter in. However, Alys was very well prepared and knew exactly what she wanted. She had the formats and layout ready to go and it ready for print upon her arrival. Consequently, we pushed to have our cutter come in the next day so they could pick it up less than 24 hours later. Typically it takes us two days to bring our cutter in but we were happy to help Alys out. Aly and her mom were so happy that their print order was done quickly and at a great price. They were very appreciative of our friendly and time-efficient services! We love making our customers happy, especially when they need a quick turnaround. It’s one of our top priorities as a print shop, and we’re happy to bend some rules to make it happen!


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