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Dilly Print Shop Turnaround Times

The Dilly Print Shop is known for having fast turnaround times while providing high quality services. Before COVID, we had longer office hours and shorter processing times. Due to new restrictions, we had to shorten our office hours. This leaves less time for staff to process print orders. We thank you all for bearing with us during these times. 

Dilly Print Shop Unique Orders

For orders that just require printing, layout or cutting, turnaround time is usually the end of day. For other orders that require more detail, like cutting, padding, numbering or booklet style invoicing, these take much longer. For these unique orders, we call in our master cutter, Sport. Sport works with us on call, so we call him when we need him. These kinds of special orders will take at least two days to complete. We want customers to understand this longer time frame is because of the longer processing times and attention to detail that these orders demand. Lately, we have been receiving these kinds of inquiries in higher volumes. Feel free to give us a call or email our staff, we can help answer any more questions you have. Unique orders that have some complexity take longer in general, but with our COVID restrictions, they are even more delayed. We apologize for this inconvenience, we can’t wait for COVID to be over, too! 


The Dilly Print Shop offers other services like self storage and van rentals. Check out our other sites for more information. All services are conveniently offered on property.