Dilly Print Shop

dilly print shop for weddings

Mary Ann stopped by the dilly print shop only a few days before her wedding. She needed to print some last minute things like table numbers and wedding bulletins. Her wedding was on September 9th and she came by on September 1st for these print jobs. We were fairly quick and efficient in getting her print jobs done.

wedding prints

She came back to visit us the day before her wedding for some more print jobs. She commented that she came here first because she knew she would be able to quickly get her prints done and move on to her next errand for the day. She had a very busy day ahead of her.

she left a happy bride

We were glad that the dilly print shop could make Mary Ann a happy bride before her big day! It’s important to us to be able to provide fast service to our clients, especially for those that are getting married in the near future! Rest assured that when you stop by, we’ll keep your wait time to a minimum. If you want, you can also email us ahead of time to receive a quote, and also email us your documents so that you can get them when they’re ready for pickup. That reduces your wait time to almost 0!