Regular Dilly Print Shop Customers

We love our Dilly Print Shop customers that come in on a regular basis.  We develop customer service relations with them and can process their print jobs much faster because it’s usually the same request periodic request.  

Tenants That Do it All

We do weekly printing for Grace Bible Church.  They are one of our few storage tenants that use all three of our services.  They come into the print shop on a weekly basis and we do all of their bulletins and things for their church service.  They also use our storage vans!

Dilly Print Shop Value

Heather, a representative for the Church, stopped by for us to print some new cards.  She brought in her order and template and requested to print enough so that the total would come out to $60.  When she came in to pick up the finished print job, she was so happy with how it turned out! She admitted that for the same price, she got double the number of print copies compared to some of our competitors. And, the quality of the printing was more impressive!  Now, Heather always emails us for these print jobs. See you soon, Heather!