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Xerox maintenance to the rescue!

Every once in awhile our printers malfunction, and that’s when we call Xerox maintenance. We can’t prevent malfunctions, and sincerely do apologize when incidents delay a customer’s printing process.

A few weeks ago Ramona came in to print funeral programs. She had everything already formatted and ready to print in an email. At the Dilly Print Shop, we can print files on a customer’s flash drive or if in an email we’ll save it to our drive to print it.

Our printer went down while she was printing programs so only half of her needed programs were finished. Xerox maintenance couldn’t fix our printer until the next morning at 8:30. They stayed until noon fixing it and we were finally able print the rest of Ramona’s programs after they were done. Ramona needed her programs before Wednesday, the day of the funeral and we fortunately got the rest of her job done by noon on Monday.

Ramona was still satisfied with the Dilly Print Shop’s services and had no problem even though our printer failed her on the first day! She recommended the Dilly Print Shop to her sisters, even with our printing problems while she was here.